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Kubernetes Distilled, Part 1: Deployments and Services

Kubernetes documentation is thorough, and you should read it when you have the time. Until then, this is a condensed overview aimed at developers using a Kubernetes platform that should get you comfortable enough, quickly enough, to have enough of a foothold to experiment and understand the official documentation where more detail is needed. I'm not an expert, so YMMV. I assume you are familiar with Docker, linux containers, and with the basic premise of Kubernetes: you've got images and want to run them reliably, with minimal manual intervention. As a tradeoff, you must learn and invest in Kubernetes' abstractions.OverviewKubernetes (or "k8s"–which is to Kubernetes as a11y is to accessibility) runs on top of a cluster of nodes, where a node is machine as in physical or virtual machines, and a cluster is a datacenter or part of one. Nodes are the resources k8s uses to run its Control Plane and the workloads it schedules. You'll interact with k8s through the…